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Dear Members of the Korean Association of Endocrine Surgeons!

I can¡¯t help but feel sorry that it has not been possible to interact with the members of the association due to the tough pandemic situation in 2020.

I believe that, while time goes by, we will seek new ways to hold ...

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Journal of Endocrine Surgery (JES)

The Journal of Endocrine Surgery of the Korean Association of Endocrine Surgeons (KAES) as the ...



KAES English web site open!!!

Welcome KAES English web site open!!!

Annual Meeting

[Overseas] 2022 Spring Symposium
Date : 8-9, April, 2022 | Venue : On & Off-Line (Interburgo Hotel, Daegu)
[Domestic] 2022 School of Endocrine Surgeons
Date : 26, February, 2022 | Venue : Sejong University Convention Center 12F Daeyang AI Hall
[Domestic] 2021 Fall Symposium
Date : 17, October, 2021 | Venue : On & Off-Line (AT Center)
[Domestic] 2021 Spring Symposium
Date : 23-24, April, 2021 | Venue : On & Off-Line (Sejong University)
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